They Never Taught Their Dog To Do This, But He Did It Anyway. I Am FLOORED!

There are many families that give up their pets when they have a child. Most of them do so as they assume that their pet might become a threat to their baby. This touching video will prove you that pets are never a threat to the family rather they are someone who makes a family more special and amazing.

Having a pet in the family when you have a young baby is always the most amazing thing. Dogs not only befriend your child and help them while growing but also help your child to become more social, caring, compassionate and responsible.
This video shows a family having an adorable dog. The dog not only befriends the baby but also actively supports the baby in each and every way. Watch this sweet and adorable beagle Charlie learning to share his parents with his baby sister. This lovable pooch will surely steal your heart.
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