Little Help Sometimes is Needed For Justice

When Mikey the pug arrived at the Michigan Humane Society in November, he was suffering from demodectic mange and glaucoma. The latter condition had left him blind and in serious pain.

A lot has changed in eight months.

MHS veterinarians decided that Mikey would need his eyes removed for his comfort and health, and he underwent surgery shortly after he was rescued. In March, with the help of Michigan Pug Rescue, he found a new home with Sabrina Johnson, the district judge for Inkster, Michigan. Mikey is now 2 years old and fully recovered.

Mikey usually needs a little time to familiarize himself with new environments, but he’s a fast learner and rarely bumps into things, Johnson said in a video released Monday by MHS.

If he does have a setback, though, he isn’t fazed. Johnson says she’s learned a thing or two from seeing Mikey in action.

“Sometimes when we’re walking in the park, he’ll get going and run into a tree,” she said. “He simply backs up, shakes it off and keeps moving. He really has taught me about how to live life.”

Mikey and Johnson seem like a perfectly matched pair, even enjoying similar hobbies.

“He loves to run, he loves to eat and he loves to relax. So he’s a lot like me,” Johnson said.

The pug has also made friends at Johnson’s work (and learned all of the proper procedures).

“When people meet him, they melt. I’ve seen very tough police officers just get down on their hands and knees, just play with him,” Johnson said. “He brightens everyone’s day.”

In her work, Johnson regularly deals with serious cases. Fortunately, it’s clear that Mikey is brightening her days, too.

“I got him from rescue, and he really rescued me,” Johnson said. “He’s just the love of my life.”
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Nobody knows how long the poor thing had been there.
In Florida, someone found the most strange-looking creature around an apartment complex, munching on any scraps of food he could gather.

He had greyish-brown fur that looked dirty and unmanaged, his face had a deep dark sheen and his body was unhealthily skinny. If guesses were correct, he looked like a werewolf- and that exactly what he was.
Little Help Sometimes is Needed For Justice

The cat turned out to be a Lykoi cat. His peculiar appearance was because of a genetic mutation. Unfortunately, these unusual features are in high demand and more cats have been bred to look like this.

Nicknamed, “werewolf cat”, he was suffering from a lot of health issue due to neglect. His claws were ingrown and infected, his ears were irritated and he was clearly starving.
Little Help Sometimes is Needed For Justice

People don’t know how Logan (later found) was found in this pitiable state. A cat rescuer, Chris Pole believes that he might have been tossed aside by a breeder.

“My thoughts are that he was owned by someone who was maybe trying to breed him,” Poole wrote. “He was neglected for a long time since it takes a long time for claws to get that bad.”
Little Help Sometimes is Needed For Justice

Logan might be considered a ‘weirdo’ but he deserves just as much love and attention. So he along, with volunteers from St. Francis Society Animal Rescue (SFSAR) trapped the little werewolf and brought him to the vet.

The veterinarians understood that Logan had gone through a lot and thus treated him with gentleness.
Little Help Sometimes is Needed For Justice

“Because his paws were so painful, he must have been hunching down to stay warm and didn’t move around a lot,” Poole said. “They trimmed [the claws] as far back as they could and soaked his paws in iodine to work on the infection.”

Logan had no microchip and hadn’t been neutered, which could only make things certain that he has been used for breeding.
Little Help Sometimes is Needed For Justice

Logan’s gratitude reaches no bounds when he’s wrapped up in a warm blanket.

“His ears were also infected, so while he was mildly sedated they thoroughly cleaned them and put medicine in them,” Poole said.
Little Help Sometimes is Needed For Justice

Logan also suffers from dental problems, and many of his teeth were missing. “[He] only has six teeth left,” Poole said.

Slowly, all of Logan’s problems have been treated. He was infested by fleas, and so got the medicine for it. Even his pink eye has been cured by some antibiotics and eye drops.
Little Help Sometimes is Needed For Justice

Logan is quite a fighter. And thankfully, he does not have any more serious diseases like FIV, feline leukaemia and heartworms.
Little Help Sometimes is Needed For Justice

Of course, though the emotional scars remain. Even though he may look fearless, he’s actually vulnerable. He wants nothing more than love.
Little Help Sometimes is Needed For Justice

After being under the care of people for just a little while, Logan sits comfortably into his blanket while his foster mom holds him close.
Little Help Sometimes is Needed For Justice

Slowly and gradually, one step a time, Logan has started to open up and leave his past behind him.
Little Help Sometimes is Needed For Justice

“I’d love to know his story,” Poole said, “[but] the bottom line is he’s feeling much better … he has a full belly and a warm bed with a good foster mom!”
Little Help Sometimes is Needed For Justice

After logan is completely recovered, he’ll be put up for adoption.
Little Help Sometimes is Needed For Justice

“We will make sure the second half of his life is lived in luxury surrounded by people who love him!” Poole said.

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