Commonly One Finds the Love of His Life Only After the Mistake of His Life

You are going to meet that person who is going to love you the way that you deserve to be loved; the way that you have always wanted to be loved.
It’s always very difficult to open up our hearts after a traumatic heartbreak experience. The emotional torture can sometimes be so raw that you feel your heart getting painfully squeezed. We’ve put so much of yourself, time, energy, hopes, and expectations into this relationship, and all we get in return is a broken heart and a disappointed spirit.

“What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life … to strengthen each other … to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories?” — George Eliot

It doesn’t change anything to beat yourself up for allowing things to get that far. Regret is natural, but it’s a waste of more time and energy to wallow in it. The red lights were blinking furiously and you chose to hold on in blind faith and unhinged hopes. Your partner was starting to make too many excuses for not having time for you. They made you feel clingy and dependent when you just wanted to be together. They started picking out your flaws and making mountains out of every little molehill.

Don’t ever blame yourself when you gave it your best. The only thing that would keep a person in a relationship, is a person who wants to be kept. They just didn’t know what they had, and they were blind enough to let you go. You often wondered if it was something about you that made them so uninterested in the relationship. You made all the efforts and planned all the dates. When you show up for a surprise date. They get upset. They acted like it was a difficult chore to love you. They cheated on you, they abused you, and they neglected you. They had no plans for a future with you.

The truth is, they’re the ones with the problem. People who treat others like they are not important usually have narcissistic personality disorder [1]. They’re dealing with an inflated sense of self-importance and a compelling need to be worshipped.

Your true love is right around the corner
Truly, heartbreak hurts, but don’t give up on true love. Take time to heal yourself and put your goals back into perspective. Have some fun and keep an open mind. Go out more with your friends, spend more time at the club, the beach, the park, the zoo, the museum – anywhere you feel that makes you happy. Keeping yourself happy is the best way to forget about an unfortunate relationship.

Sometimes, we find the one we are destined to be with right after we’ve been through so much pain [2]. It’s as if Cupid is sending us an angel to love us fiercely and heal our pain. Your true love may come when you’re still feeling down or at a time when you’ve found peace. You may shut the door on their face if you’re struggling with the pain of your last heartbreak, but they’ll stick around.

They’ll be patient with you and let things come around at their own pace. They won’t want to rush you or scare you into making undecided decisions. They’ve come to stay, and they have no plans of getting locked out. They’ll make you feel happy and like the treasure you really are. You’ll know you’ve walked into a cosmic connection when your soul feels bound to this person. It’s not just the chemicals in your brain going haywire. Your heart will tell you that it had always been destined by the forces of the universe that you two would be together.

Your true love will always consider your feelings before speaking or acting. They don’t just make out time in a day for you, but they plan their day around the thought that you’re the best thing that’s going to happen. They’ll invest as much energy as they can into making the relationship a happy one.

Your true love will encourage you and help you up when you fall. All they want is to see you succeed and prevail in everything you do. They’ll be a guiding hand, a listening ear, and a supporting shoulder in all your causes. Your true love will show you unrestrained romance and unbridled affection.

They’ll never make you feel vulnerable in any way. They don’t judge you when they find out about your insecurities. They’ll only let you know how perfect and amazing you are. They’ll never do things to stir these insecurities up, and with time, you’ll begin to forget they’re even there. They’ll love you in every possible way.

It’s okay to make mistakes in love and life. The best is yet to come.