Sorrowful Puppy Weeps When He Facetimes Mom Who Is Far Away From Home. Watch This Cute Scene!

“Come home soon, mama!”
Our dogs are the most important parts of our lives. They take up so much of our time and also emotions. That’s why, when it’s time to leave them, be it for a little while, our heart breaks into pieces. Chow chow’s mom had to go through that heartbreak recently when she had to three-week business trip to go on. This was extremely long and unbearable for her, but it was much worse for the poor pup. She just wouldn’t stop sulking and being sad.

That’s when her human sister came up with a brilliant idea—FaceTime!

After Chow Chow’s sister gets her mom on the phone, she shows her to her dog and the reaction she gives cannot be explained by words. The moment chow sees her mom and hears her voice, she starts whining, as though to say “Mama, where are you? When are you coming home? Why are you stuck inside the phone and not beside me?”

It’s upsetting that such an adorable sweet pup must stay away from her dear mama. But it also warms your heart to see how much they connect with each other!

We hope Chow Chow reunites with her mom soon and may they never have to part again!

Watch the beautiful interaction in the video below: