Army Soldier Reunites With The Puppy He Has Worked With On His Deployment. This Is the Sweetest Scene ever!

He couldn't keep it together!
Army Specialist Ken Wyrsch made a very unusual friend when he was deployed to an army base in Iraq. Wyrsch and his soldier friends named the dog Ollie and adopted him. He now comforts U.S. forces in Iraq. He also turned out to be the camp’s mascot eventually.

“He was there when we left on our missions, he was there when we got back,” said Wyrsch

The troops ended up falling deeply in love with Ollie. So, when the camp was announced to shut down soon and they were going to be disbanded, they knew they had to do something about Ollie. They couldn’t leave Ollie behind, given that he was in grave danger in Iraq.

“I don’t know, some Iraqi would use it for target practice or something,” he said.

The troops got together to have Ollie sent to the U.S. SPCA International’s assistance and donations earned from many people helped them arrange a trip for Ollie to fly to the country.

It had been one complete month that Wyrsch had not seen Ollie. Therefore, a touching reunion was obviously expected. And it came out to be true when spectators couldn’t decide who was happier to see whom.

Watch the heartwarming reunion in the video below: