Pay Attention to These White German Shepherd. She Carries Opossum Adopted Years Ago Wherever She Goes. Priceless!

They love going on walks together!
Because opossums crossroads at night, they are in the most risk of being hit by running vehicles as the drivers can’t see them in the dark.

One of these unfortunate opossums was this female opossum who got hit by a car and died. However, her tiny baby was still clinging on to her and staying by her side. He would have died if he was left there but that never happened—he was saved just in time!

The baby opossum, now referred to as “Poncho,” was taken to the vet for special care. He was healthy, however, he didn’t have a mother to look after him. That’s when something amazing happened!
Hantu, a white German Shepherd who didn’t have a baby of her own, entered in Poncho’s life. Poncho needed a mom and Hantu needed a place to shower her motherly instincts. This made a perfect pair of them! Miraculously, they didn’t even need a lot of time for bonding. They were instantly inseparable.

Poncho loves clinging on to Hantu’s back like she did with her real mom. Three years have passed and things are still the same between them, except Poncho looks much bigger now. Despite that, he still likes riding on Hantu’s back during walks.

They are currently living together at Rare Species Fund, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It established to make funding available for wildlife-related conservation programs. The pairs of Poncho and Hantu is definitely helping people see an example of the beauty of wildlife diversity, which is also a great lesson for harmony.

Watch the beautiful story of Poncho and Hantu in the video below: