Owner Finally Finds His Dog Lost Two Days Ago. Pay Attention to Dog’s Reaction! Wow!

Normally, pets run away from acute boredom or loneliness, to answer sexual urges if they have not been neutered, in response to sudden and unexpected events that frighten them, out of curiosity if doors, windows or gates are left open, or if they are new to a home and are looking for their former surroundings.

How far they run is just a function of how far their legs will carry them. Big strong dogs, especially young ones, can run 5 miles or more. Small dogs may be able to go half a mile at most. Most dogs are recovered well within a two-mile circle of their home, especially because they normally will never run for an extended length in a straight line no matter how strong or fast they are.

If it is an outgoing dog, it will be looking for other dogs and for other humans who are friendly and likely to comfort, feed and shelter it. Neighbors’ yards and public parks are spots it will like. If it is a shy or older pet and not trusting of strangers, it will hide. Bushes and under cars are good spots.

If you have a tag on your dog with a current phone number including area code, that has a working answering machine or voice mail on it, or a street address including city and state, and if your dog is found with its collar and tag still on it, then you have made the job of your pet coming back to you much easier. More current information, less work.

Pets tend to be pretty depressed when they get separated from their family. The same can be said for humans as well. Losing your pet can be a painful experience for anyone. This is exactly what a family from Manhattan went through.
Owner Finally Finds His Dog Lost Two Days Ago. Pay Attention to Dog’s Reaction! Wow!

This video shows the beautiful reunion of a little pooch, Bella, and her owner. Angel Morales was on a trip to Florida when the pup ran away from the dog sitter’s home.

She was perhaps looking for daddy! Once he got back, he tirelessly went looking for her and even took a couple of days off from work.

The family and their friends searched for the dog, Bella, for a long time. The owner did not even go to work for two whole days to search for her.

They printed out flyers, activated an amber alert, and even called some local shelters in hopes of finding the pooch. Finally, they found the little girl in Queens, NY; a fair distance from Manhattan. The owner says that he never lost hope of finding her.

The pup is so happy to see him, she just couldn’t contain her excitement!

Watch this touching video below! Did this reunion make you cry? Let us know what you think in the comments!