Woman Is Filming Her Dog When This Special Friend Appears! The Cutest Video Ever!

This video below features two unlikely friends; a dog and a deer.

In the wild, dogs are the carnivorous hunters while deer are herbivorous prey. However, this is not the case of these two adorable friends. These two unlikely duo play, sleep and eat together while totally defying the nature. This old clip will surely melt you down!

Interspecies relationship is a joy to watch. When you see two totally different animals hang out together, you can’t help but smile. Just take for example the adorable pair featured in the video below! This cute dog and his deer friend are sure to steal your heart away from your chest!

When their owner started posting videos of them on YouTube, the duo managed to garner lots of fans. This clip is a compilation of new as well as old footages from 2008 to 2010 that have never been featured in any of their other videos before. The background music is Martin Springett’s “Nahanni”. According to the video description, the dog and the deer are in love with each other! It is really wonderful to see them play together!

The deer walks on their deck and lies down in the family dog’s bed as if it’s her own. The dog lies down right next to the deer, and the deer doesn’t even flinch.
Woman Is Filming Her Dog When This Special Friend Appears! The Cutest Video Ever!

It’s like this is normal and they’ve been friends forever! Then the deer decides to become acquainted with the family cat, so she goes over and starts smelling it. The homeowner hand-feeds the deer some food, and she comes right up to her and eats it without fear.

The rest of the video shows the deer and dog running around and playing together. Even the deer’s sister comes to play!

We might think that friendship between two different species is not possible.

However, there have been many instances where we are forced to change our perception. We do not exactly know what scientists have to say about this. But after watching this video below, you’ll definitely want to know more about interspecies communication and relationship.