Man Hears Strange Loud Sounds From the Backyard. He Runs For a Camera When He Sees What It Is! OMG!

What better way to cool off on a hot day than with a big old splash in the pool? Few things are lovelier than having a swim when the sun gets intense. Maybe that’s what Bruiser the grizzly bear thinks when he jumps in the pool. Because whenever he gets the chance, he’s in that pool.

A nonprofit Single Vision animal sanctuary from Florida cares for a number of wild animals, but one superstar among them has to be Bruiser the bear. Summer heat and Bruiser’s curiosity led him to investigate the pool and he instantly become Internet phenomenon. Just watch how he skillfully climbs the ladder and dives like a pro.

True, this man made swimming pool is not the bears’ natural habitat, but it beats spending time in the damp forest, that’s for sure. Nothing feels better than taking a quick swim when the temperature hits 95 degrees – even if you’re a bear.

And quite obviously, he doesn’t seem to mind bellyflops.
Man Hears Strange Loud Sounds From the Backyard. He Runs For a Camera When He Sees What It Is! OMG!

He just climbs right up the ladder like the rest of us do, and leaps right in, ABCNews reports. Bruiser is a resident at a wildlife sanctuary run by Single Vision Inc., which on its website describes itself as a “non-profit endangered species educational wildlife facility,” in Melrose, Florida. And these highly intelligent bears are famous for their sense of smell (which is even more refined than a dog’s) and they are exceptionally strong swimmers, Animal Fact Guide reports.

But that swimming comes along with a pretty big appetite that wild grizzlies need to help them through cold winters. These big bears can eat up to 90 lbs of food daily. They often gain up to one kg (2.2 lbs) per day. These enormous omnivores will take in as much nutrition as they can. Their diet includes nuts, berries, roots, fruit, insects, rodents, fungi, and sheep. But without a doubt, their favorite food has to be salmon. And that’s where swimming can come in handy because this bear has to spend its time in water to catch fish.

And that’s exactly what Bruiser would be doing if he was living in the wild.

We could all learn something from this big fellow, who’s simple joy of being in the water is wonderful to behold. It’s fun to watch this magnificent grizzly bear enjoy his day.