Sea-soldier Greets His Dog on the Knees. But What He Learns Next Breaks Him Completely! Look!

This bond is stronger than steel. Your dog is your dog and even if a long time will pass your dog will remember you and will be so happy and grateful that you found him and came to see. This is exactly what happened with this US Marine. He was finally reunited with his combat dog – white Lab dog. This Labrador was in over 150 combat missions with this soldier and was promised that if they come home alive, that no matter what they will be together.

For nearly a year, Marine Sgt. Ross Gundlach was separated from his war partner, Casey.

Casey is a marine dog who has severed more than 150 missions in Afghanistan with her fellow caretaker Marine Sgt. Ross Gundlach.

“About midway through (the tour), I told her if we made it out alive I’d do whatever it took to find her,” said Gundlach, 25. The pair were separated after their tours ended.

Ever since they first met, they had a strong connection with each other. They went through a lot together but after their missions ended, they had to be separated. But after a year of separation Sgt. Ross is here to keep his promise to take Casey back with him.
Sea-soldier Greets His Dog on the Knees. But What He Learns Next Breaks Him Completely! Look!

But Gundlach did everything he could to make good on his promise. He began lobbying to adopt the dog. In 2013, he traveled to Iowa, prepared to plead his case before a government committee to get Casey back — but what happened next was a complete surprise. Instead, Gundlach and Casey were reunited in a ceremony made possible by the Iowa Elks Association, which donated $8,500 to replace Casey with another dog at the State Fire Marshal’s office.

Sgt. Ross was given opportunity to plea to adopt his dear dog Casey in front of the authorities, at least that is what he thought. But when it was time for him to have his say on the stage, he was given a greatest surprise of his lifetime. Apparently, his fellow soldiers had already made a plea to let him keep Casey and it had already been approved as well.

To keep the plan a secret, Gundlach was told he would sit in on a military ceremony. Little did he know, Casey was waiting there to see him. The reunion between these two heroes is simply incredible. Gundlach wept, and Casey couldn’t have been more excited to see her partner again.

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