" Listen to “Amazing Grace” Performed by This Irish Vocal Group! You’ll Be Left Speechless! "

Created by Sharon Browne and David Downes in 2004, Celtic Woman is an all-female Irish musical group which will leave you in awe of their incredible talent. Downes is a former musical director of the Irish stage show Riverdance and he brought together five vocalists who made up the first line-up of the group. The members have changed over the years, but the essence of the group is still the same.

The video below shares a stellar performance by this group. I have heard a lot of versions of “Amazing Grace” but this one is something else entirely!

This very well might be one of the best renditions you will ever hear! Celtic Woman has done a number of world tours and their albums have sold over 6 million records worldwide. These ladies are amazing aren’t they?
" Listen to “Amazing Grace” Performed by This Irish Vocal Group! You’ll Be Left Speechless! "
There are certain songs that all of us are familiar with, and even if we don’t know all of the words, we certainly know the tune. Some of that music may be from our childhood, or perhaps our favorite music when we were teenagers.

Others may be music that is played on special occasions, such as Taps or auld lang syne. Another one of those most famous songs is Amazing Grace, and it is one that is a favorite for many people.

Although Amazing Grace has been sung by countless people throughout the ages, I don’t think that I’ve ever heard it done quite as nicely as when the Celtic Women do it. Of course, they are always amazing with their singing abilities, but they put on a show that pleases the eyes as well. Since they are singing along with bagpipes, it makes it even more amazing.