This Man Performs “Amazing Grace” Playing the Harmonica Out In The Snow! Amazing!

“Amazing Grace” is undeniably the most popular Christian classic in the whole world. It is soothing to listen to and the lyrics is just heart touching. There is probably no one in the whole world who hasn’t yet heard this amazing song. Many artists have even tried their hands on covering this beautiful song. Yet, this cover in the video below is something I’d never heard before!

Chadburn Spivey has tried a unique way to beautify this amazing Christian classic. He has used his harmonica which was given by his dad to play this exceptional rendition of this classic. He sits at the porch between the snowfalls and plays his harmonica. You will definitely be blown away by his cover.

Music comes in all different shapes and styles. A song can be performed in hundreds of different ways with guitars, violins, bagpipes, or just voices, which gives it a special ability to renew itself and express itself in beautiful new ways.

An instrument that I’ve always loved is the harmonica. It’s perhaps most associated with the blues, but over the years, the so-called mouth harp has found its way into many other music genres, with Bob Dylan especially deserving credit for introducing this amazing instrument to popular music.
This Man Performs “Amazing Grace” Playing the Harmonica Out In The Snow! Amazing!
In the United States, the harmonica has always been part of country music, and one of the artists who really uses it in a cool way is Chadburn Spivey. In the video below, Chadburn sits outside on a snowy winter’s day and plays the gospel classic “Amazing Grace.”

Over the years, countless artists, including Aretha Franklin, have left their mark on the song. But when Chadburn plays it on his harmonica, it’s downright chilling. His instrument’s amazing sound takes the song to a completely different dimension — and the song’s bittersweet feel carries through, even without vocals.